The Rural Studies Program offers primarily graduate level courses for students interested in rural issues under the rubric RS. These courses also support the completion of the Graduate Rural Minor. Additional courses taught by faculty members affiliated with the program are listed under the instructor's home department. The Applied Economics department is supporting the development of additional undergraduate courses that focus on rural issues.

Undergraduate Courses

AEC 240 - Rural Economics of Place and People

New undergraduate course offered on campus Spring 2014


Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

AEC 421/RS 521 - Economics of Rural Poverty and the US Social Safety Net

Taught online through Ecampus Spring 2014

AEC 454/545 - Rural Development Economics and Policy

Taught on campus and online through Ecampus Spring 2014


Graduate Courses

RS 512 - Introduction to Rural Studies

Taught on campus Winter 2014

RS 513 - Contemporary Rural Issues

Taught on campus Spring 2014