Vital communities are those in which residents work together to achieve a balance of positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Examples of Community Vitality Publications:

Federal Forest Policy and Community Vitality in the Pacific Northwest: How Did the Northwest Forest Plan Affect Population, Wealth and Income in Rural Communities? Yong Chen and Bruce Weber, July 2013. RSP # 13-01.

2000 Baseline Assessment of Rural Community Vitality. Lena Etuk, October 2012. RSP # 12-01.

Assessing Community Capacity in Rural America: Some Lessons from Two Rural Observatories. Alexander Marre, Bruce Weber, August 2007. RSP # 07-02.

A Guide to Oregon Community Indicators: Social, Economic and Environmental. Nick Beleiciks and Bruce Weber, August 2006. RSP # 06-04.